We Have A Choice In Each Moment

Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow a mystery.

Today is a gift.

That`s why it`s called the present.

At the Crossroads of Life - Choosing a Path

All that we really have is this present moment. The past is but a memory and the future are thoughts or fantasies of a time other then the now. All that our daily experiences are, are a culmination of thoughts of experiences we've had in the past. It dosen't matter so much what we do in this 'lifetime', what really matters is--how we do things moment by moment. We experence suffering when we detach ourselves from this moment, always wanting our experience to be different or better. Being joyful all of the time is truly possible when one is centred in this present moment.

In reality there is only one energy but we humans try dividing it into two. There is--one energy and there is enough for everybody. Competitiveness will cease to be once everyone realises this. When we are feeling flat one only needs to turn that energy inward-- changing it to a feeling of upliftment. The energy of fear is the exact same energy to that of excitement. Instead of feeling fearful toward something one can change it within a moment to that of excitement instead.

Through direct experience one realises fear and joy are one and the same energy with the difference being the frequency of vibration. One drops your energy leaving you feel flat while the other raises it making you feel lighter. When feeling lighter your vibrational energy starts spinning faster and your entire being comes alive, so to speak. In other words we make a choice and naturally the choice is joy and upliftment but we tend to keep falling back to old habits. So it is a patient step by step process of conscious reprogramming until joy and upliftment are our second nature.

It is time for no time in truly living in the ever joyful now. We find ourselves doing so when we systematically let go of our judgments and accept what already is. We then find ourselves in harmony with all life once again. We don`t need to go looking for negative thoughts and emotions because they will arise when certain events and situations trigger a reaction in us, thus giving us opportunities to transmute them or simply let them go; we can then return to joy. A vibrational shift is then experienced in our bodies as confirmation of our return to the awareness of--now.


How Are You Feeling Right Now in This Moment?

love and fear heart There are Only Two Emotions we are really experiencing in any moment, when you consider that all emotions seemingly stem from the two basic emotions; Love and Fear. In every precious and eternal now~moment we can choose between love or fear.

Thought Creates Experience in your life because when you think of something, whether it is a memory of the past or a dream or fantasy of the future, you will experience a particular emotion in response to that thought. When it comes to shifting your vibration in each present moment it is helpful to remember always that The Key Is In The Feeling.

When we feel joy, happiness, excitement, peace and any other emotion which stems from a space of love, we raise our vibration in that present moment. If we are in a space of love then it is only the negative fear-based thoughts that will lower our vibration and bring us the corresponding negative emotion.

We all do have a choice in each moment to choose the thoughts that will trigger the emotions we prefer to feel as opposed to the emotions that we choose not to feel. We have a choice to feel these emotions regardless of what is happening in our life and despite the thoughts that sometimes try to divert our attention to the feeling.

Your thoughts do effect how you feel, and how you feel effects how you think. Choose to feel positive emotions. Choose Love!

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