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Violet Flame Meditation

This is a guided meditation where you will be working with the Violet Flame of Transmutation. You can also call upon the ascended master Saint Germain who represents the Violet Flame.During the meditation you can invoke these powerful energies by envisioning a brilliant violet-colored light or flame surrounding you, purifying you from the inside out. The Violet Flame will Transmute all lower vibrational frequencies, thought forms, emotions, feelings and energies into the light.

Meditating with the Violet Flame will clear the entire aura/energy body, and can also help heal physical ailments of the body, as well as one's physical environment. You can imagine the vivid violet color of the flame surrounding the particular spot or area in need of healing or clearing, or even use your mind to imagine a negative situation in your life being transmuted and transormed into pure light by the healing violet flame.

I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires

In the name I AM that I AM
In the name I AM that I AM
Jesus Christ, Saint Germain
I decree...

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity God desires (Repeated 44 times)

* audio recording courtesy of the Summit Lighthouse.www.tsl.org *

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