Thought Creates Experience

Reality isn't solid like we think.

It is shifting and changing accordingly to our thoughts.

Thought Creating Universe

Thought creates experience. We play an active role in creating our own reality. Whatever we experience, at some point we have believed it into being. If one has a thought that becomes a belief, then so often we percieve reality from the premise of that belief--or the original thought. The thought has now become a thought~form and eventually this finally draws situations to oneself to experience; these experiences may in turn trigger the exact same original thought. You can say it has come full circle.

What we believe in we experience; our beliefs are thoughts that have a 'charge' to them felt; this charged up thought is felt as emotion or "energy in motion", which is then experienced on the physical as our reality. Everyone is experiencing their reality from the inside out; one can believe something to be real and then find supporting evidence to prove it. Like is attracting like, one can be with people who believe in similar ideas and in this way support each other in proving them to be real.

Thought creates experience and not the other way around--it is impossible for experience to create thought in this way. You are in control of your thoughts. You are not necessarily in complete control of an external event or even the thoughts of someone else---but your own thoughts are your own to create at will. Memory is just a thought that is attatched to an experience or event in the past. One can have a memory of a past experience and re-create the experience as if it is happening in the present moment; they may even have a negative emotional response to a negative thought attatched to a past event that is no longer a part of their current experience.

These thought forms can re-create similar events to occur in ones life through the law of attraction. In this sense, there are no victims in this world under any circumstances. Also, it is possible that the percieved innocents have chosen to experience certain events prior to incarnating on the planet. This is their experience and reality. What is yours?

The Key Within The Mind - Thought Creating Reality Our bodies are thought projections. The whole universe is a thought projection from Universal Mind and we are part of Universal Mind.

All that the physical universe is is an experience. All that our physical bodies are is an experience-- and an experince cannot have an experience. What this means is that the body is a result of thought and we choose the experience we are having moment by moment.

Our physical bodies are extentions of our minds. What we think is projected forward as energy in motion, which is then experienced physically as our reality.

The physical experience is the end result as thought expressed. A thought becomes a thought-form. When we are not conscious of our thoughts, our bodies appear to be having a life of their own. We have split our mind into believing we are only are physical bodies and our we often define ourselves by our experiences. If our thoughts cause us confusion and suffering, then confusion and suffering are experienced often in ones physical life experience. The external will reflect the internal.

We create our own reality via our thoughts in this way. When you have a thought, be 'mind~full of how you are 'feeling' in response to that thought. Keep 'in mind' that an emotion is a charged up thought and that the more we give our energy to that thought the more we experience the corresponding emotion (via memory) and the thought~form becomes manifest; the more we 'automatically react and emotionally respond to external events, situations and persons who inspire us to have the original thought, then the more we are running the automatic program.

You are the Captain of your own ship of thoughts. Take control of the steering wheel and direct your thoughts to ones that inspire and encourage positive emotions. Reprogram your mind and Re~create your own reality.   ~Emanuehl

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