Ascension To The Fifth Dimension

One of the most important keys on the spiritual path is service.

Just being kind to one another is an act of service. ~Emanuehl

Ascension to the Fifth Dimension

We are become-in 5th dimensional beings less concerned with physical survival and more with raising our vibratory forms to that of light body. We are ascending from one dimension of reality to another.Ascension is all encompasing, all thoughts, feelings and actions are shifted or fine tuned to 5th dimensional consciousness. Living in the heart is the beginning and prerequisite to 5th dimensional living,accepting everyone just as they are, loving them unconditionaly and remaining centred in our own love breath 24/7.

Focus Is The Key To Living In 5D.

Bringing yourself back to your heart centre whenever you catch yourself judging self and others--is the key to becoming a 5D human. Each time we do this along with changing our negative thoughts, feelings and actions to positive ones,we re-programme our subconscious mind to living in the heart or 5D.

One of the biggest challenges to being in our heart centre is when loved ones are experiencing some sort of crisis in their lives. The best thing to do in these situations is to just listen. All that they may be needing is your loving attention. They may not necessarily be needing your advice at this time but only to be listened to and nurtured in the feeling that they`ve been understood.

Living as a 5D human dosen`t necessarily mean the world has automatically changed around us.It means--we are part of the world but not of it. The world can still appear the same as it ever was yet we feel different toward it.We see the world as being perfect as it is without wanting to change it, for only in the allowing of it does it start changing to it`s perfectedness as love expressed.

The physical body represents the 3rd dimension, the emotional body-the 4th dimension, the mental body-the 5th dimension and the spiritual body-the 6th dimension and beyond. The mental body is connected to the physical body and the emotional body to the spiritual body. In making the shift from 3D to 5D and beyond we must go through 4D and the only way in doing so is through the emotional body and the highest emotional expression being--love. In other words we cannot intellectualize ourselves into enlightenment and ascension, we must--feel our way.

The path of ascension is accepting everything just as it is and using spiritual discernment in making choices that raise the vibrational frequency of our atomic cell structure. We all have a responsibility in raising our personal vibration in every moment. The ascension path is both personal and collective ascension, it is about making choices that benefit us all.   ~Article By Emanuehl

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